The Legacy of Club Boudoir

On entering this fabulous property, one will be mesmerized by the glamour, finesse and grandeur of the interiors. There is an air of romance, enraptured by the French Renaissance period, yet with an added twist of Baroque opulence. After you primarily get satiated by the culinary delights, prepare yourself for a further indulgence of the senses. Let the sonorous lounge music gradually dissolve into the more trendy sounds of Deep House, upping the tempo and volume as the evening progresses. Boudoir – Resonates with the Fashionable, urbane chic and trendy. Added with an elegance that sets it apart in a class... au compaire. Boudoir is one of the most famous night clubs in Dubai with a patronage of the elite class of Dubai and expats of the region. Its located in Jumeirah near Jumeirah plaza in Dubai Marina Beach Resort . The look and feel of the nightclub is royal French decorated with lavish crystal chandeliers, rich fabrics and French oil paintings. It is famous for its amazing sound system and celebrity spot area. Established in 2002, Club Boudoir was the Most Exclusive Club of Dubai at the time. There was only ONE place where most of the party-goers and elite patrons visited for entertainment and parties. Boudoir was inspired by the French restaurant/lounge concept in the early days. With the advent of DJ music, the clubbing trends evolved and the place transformed into the league of Top Clubs of Dubai during the 2000s. Currently it is ranked as one of the top 5 clubs in United Arab Emirates. Club Boudoir has hosted more than 200 international celebrities ranging from Rap Stars from US to Bollywood Stars from India. Over the last 13 years the name ‘Boudoir’ has become a synonymous legacy for the partying fraternity of Dubai. The club can accommodate around 600 people at maximum capacity and usually caters to the upscale crowd of the region. Club Boudoir is strategically located in downtown Dubai at Jumeira Beach Road, an integral part of the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa which is an established 5 star hotel in United Arab Emirates.

Now in the city of Kolkata

Club Boudoir is proud to announce its presence in the City of Joy. Carrying on the rich legacy of its origins in Dubai, it shall open its doors in Kolkata on 15thOctober, 2016. A plush 6000 plus square feet of pillar-less grandeur will welcome the clubbers. A huge 35 ft long bar well stocked with the best international spirits shall warm the hearts of the clubbing fraternity. A pulsating OHM sound system and a sprawling dance floor will set the pace for an electrifying experience. Cuisine curated by the best culinary talent shall tantalise the foodie taste buds. In sum, a global experience AU compaire, is waiting to mesmerize.